About us

My name is Johannes de Vries. I'm an engineer. When I was twelve I was confronted with my sister's stalled Vespa. Curious as I am, I have restored the moped with my technical knowledge.

When I was in training in Industrial Design my interest in technology and has developed to the project behind it. After my graduation I worked a few years for Blofield, which is an international manufacturer of air-filled sofas. There i Learned that product development, the prototype construction, and quality control are essential in the process, from concept of an idea-a concept-3DCAD prototype to mass production. The purpose of this is the desired end result is to bring to the market.

Since 2016, I have worked for a machinery construction company. Here I expanded my knowledge of the law and regulations regarding safety and quality with diverse interests. I've also discovered that during project, different stakeholders acquire different interests and that is sometimes conflicting. Managing these conflicts is what I really like. The binding of these, I've always seen as a great challenge.

Over mij presentatie V1.1


Naast werken en de passie voor techniek hebben we ervoor gekozen onze hobby Restomods bouwen ook aan te bieden. Voor Custom Point automotive klik hier om verder te lezen. 

Why choose Custom Point:

In the current market and product development there is a growing demand for project managers who have the overview of the project.. For small and medium businesses and start-ups, it is often the client or a person who is already doing a lot for a project for example a manufacturer. However, it is often difficult to keep the helicopterview as they are also working on the details. For larger organizations, there is the option of using Agile development and the Scrum master. If you are still in a start-up or an SME, this is not a full-time activity in your business. We have to be flexible and to adapt it to your project.


1. Breadth of knowledge

Due to my broad range of technical knowledge and experience, I have come up with a solid plan of action. The required input, I'm going to be serious about the issue or problem at work. Starting with analyzingl; this is what I have done from a young age.

Mile stone near to local road - success goal target business or education concept

2. Milestones counter 

The origin of the problems (or questions) to help identify what they are and then to be able to solve or explore. I have a real can - do spirit, or an institution). CAD drawing, production lists and product documents, creating products, test, and validation is essential.


3. Project management

Custom, point is, it can be critical, questioning, gather, summarize, and communicate. The choices that you make in the version I make it sound, so that there are no assumptions to be overlooked.


4. Quality

Others, however, consider that my work is well thought-out, compelling, and oriented on collaboration

This is what others say about me:

John, the design is correctly translated, and in advance of a drawing, an indication is made. And we are happy to warn you that our website by solid material, however, is a very, very, very heavy, the table would be delivered. Therefore, it is advised that he and practical changes. Custom Point, in my opinion it is a good quality, unique, and personal contributions are important to you.
Eric Korsaan
Private person
I have found that the co-operation at this very moment. This was a project in which, over a period of a year, continually changes, and John is only there in simple-to. The value of the uitzoek jobs, and the rules and regulations, it is truly result-oriented; you'll get a page full of information, but in a concrete, practical information that you as a user and continue.
Janno van Valkenburg
Vatec B. V.
To the knowledge of such things was very, very good. If you would with to suppliers, or even the designers spend hours in the dialogue, and if there is, then it's 1 in the paper is that it is not as described. John is not afraid to ask questions and understand what you need, whether you're searching for items, researching, drafting, documentation, or reporting to. He is overseeing the project.
Ab Hearts
Hearts For Mechanical Engineering
You'll notice right away that he knows something, and if it is the result of. For a complete wiring harness, and a computer program, because I have ITB's on my BMW had been. Very friendly and will ensure that everything is to your satisfaction will be carried out.
Private person